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Photovoltaic efficiency limits challenged   Photovoltaic efficiency limits challenged regulary. New work at University of California, Berkeley Challenges design thinking.

Increasing Solar Panel Output   New Dimension for Solar Energy: Innovative 3-D Designs More Than Double the Solar Power Generated Per Area

Zero energy home developments   News from Mashable.com

Solar Power - Photovoltaic paint   One to watch for the future... "Paint on" photovoltaic coatings could be a cheap source of residential solar power.. efficiency is way down at the moment.. but watch this space...

Solar Power - Photovoltaics growing in efficiency   SunPowers® Maxeon™ announces third generation solar cells reaching 24% efficiency

Should I connect my home power system to the grid?

Most of people considering a home power generation alternative will want to consider whether their home power system will be connected to the electricity grid and what difference it makes to the system. Here's a few things to think about...



Work out your home electricity consumption

Click the link to learn how to work out your power consumption. This is important to understand in order to help specify a home power system.